Sorry Mr President you have never been our leader! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

By Hardi Mahdi, Lvin cultural magazine no 38, March 2006, Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

“What we struggle for in the mountains we lose at tables”, this is a clear statement defining the characteristics of the confused and divided revolutionary ideological lines. But this time it was different. We did not lose at tables we lost in posts when we turned our back to ourselves.

We did not lose anything. We just did not want to negotiate anything. We forgot ourselves. (This is what the subconscious of our leaders tell us.)

In fact it is not the aim of this writing to read the activities of the President and other Kurdish post-holders in Baghdad. It is rather in response to what was said to the President that “unless he accepted the demands of [the Shiite} coalition, he would not be re-selected for the post of the President.”. Here we must wonder: why don’t you want this Kurdish president? What is that he does not do for you? In the history of Iraq, a genuine Shia-Sunni negotiation might have never happened before.

But he became the magic stick of Moses for you and brought you all together. He has almost forgotten Kurdistan. Then why don’t you want him?

I am surprised! In this month [of March} we have the commemoration of Halabja and Anfal and Nawroz. But Mam [honorific] Jalal [Talabani] has no intention to return [to Kurdistan] for these, not just as Kurd even as Iraqi president he does want to offer a word of consolation to the families of Anfal after twenty years of this tragedy.

But we saw how quick the President was to take initiative to set up a Trust for [the reconstruction of] Najaf and to compensate for the loss of the shrines and provide support for the victims of Al-Aimma bridge. But we have never seen him set up a trust for Anfal and Halabja. We saw him making a decision to allocate a retirement salary for the bright-eyed children of [the first republican Iraqi president] Abd-al-Karim Al-Qassim who fought Kurdish September revolution. But we did not see him donating a month of the salary of Al-Qassim family to the grandsons of [historic Kurdish leader] Sheikh Mahmud. In these days we see the generation of Anfal and Halabja devoured by poverty. The President visits the University of Baghdad and the flood of his [financial] support reaches everywhere in the University. But he cannot reduce any bit of the corruption and problems of lack of electricity and desks at the neglected halls of Sulaymaniyah University. He gives a unique prize to an Algerian poet and establishes a monument for [the Iraqi classical Arab poet] Al-Jawahiri.

But after many years the Kurdish poet Abdullah Pashew must only now publish his collection of poetry with his brother’s financial support.

These actions of the President in Baghdad are all valuable. But I want to remind him that the wounds of people have not been healed yet, let him not deepen them even more. We are here talking about human beings, individuals, not a nation. But we must know that even here in Kurdistan there are human beings.

Finally we must remind you of what the Arab writer Khalid Al-Qishtini wrote four years ago. He wrote: If Arabs want to protect the integrity of Iraq let them accept a Kurdish president because Kurds have historically been Arabs’ saviours. [The Kurdish historic figure] Salah-al-Din did not only liberate Syria for us, he also liberated Jerusalem. Although Mam [honorific] Jalal Talabani cannot liberate Jerusalem this time , but he can protect the integrity of Iraq.

Then, pardon me Mr President; you have never been OUR leader. You were very good for them. I wish during your reign we were Arabs.

It is odd, isn’t it? Why do they reject you and threaten to take back your post?

Source: Lvin, no 38, March 2006, independent cultural monthly published in Sulaymaniyah, South Kurdistan.Kurdish Text in PDF format..