Both in here and Baghdad: What are they up to? 

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

By Karwan Ali, Bayani, 16 April 2006.
Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

We are in a situation when people cannot believe any one any more: neither those officials who have posts in Baghdad on behalf of Kurdistan and apparently represent the Kurds, nor those officials in Kurdistan who are busy jumping and jittering.

Every week and month of the year for the last fifteen years in Kurdistan they have been offering promises and words of honour that they would improve the lives of people and improve public services. And for three years in Baghdad they have been telling the Kurdish people: Don’t worry!
We are in Baghdad and we do not need you to do anything. WE will guarantee your rights!!

Neither the promises of the officials in Baghdad nor those in Kurdistan did have any iota of truth. Their promises and statements have become so vulgar and blunt that no one would pay a penny for them. People are fed up with them because people know that they are only concerned about their own interests. People can see this in Kurdistan everyday: They are building marvellous palaces and apartments, they accumulate the greatest number of fashionable cars, and they accumulate wealth and dollars and have numerous women and girls to have sex with. These are the greatest concern of the officials here in Kurdistan. And there in Baghdad, as Al-Jaa’fari has said, apart from three or four of the Kurds there, they are only pursuing their own selfish interests. Their demands do not go beyond more guards to recruit, more money and cars and such things. When they can achieve these they would find it difficult to mention Kirkuk and care about the Kurdish people’s demands and future.

Perhaps there are now thousands of people from Kurdistan who have gone to Baghdad from Kurdistan in addition to the original Kurds of that city. There are few hundreds among them who have important posts and positions and participate in the political and administrative decision-making. Then why haven’t we seen any fruit of their actions so that we can say good things about them. They are in Baghdad representing and on behalf of the Kurdish people, then why don’t they do anything for the people they represent? Why are they silent and avoid saying anything? Why have they left everything for three or four people in Kurdish leadership? And when they return to Kurdistan they are not ashamed to make hyperbolic statements and sell themselves to us as patriots.

The Kurds in Kurdistan have become despondent about the officials here.

They cannot change them, neither they leave office on their own accord or change their conduct and approach. But the Kurds have still some hope in those representatives in Baghdad to at least fight for our national rights and the settlement of the issue of Kirkuk and other outstanding issues. If they fail to do this and leave everything for three or four people in Kurdish leadership, then people will question their role too. What are they doing in Baghdad? Why don’t they return to Kurdistan?

If this is the case let these three or four Kurdish leaders stay in Baghdad on behalf of the thousands of useless people. Either way nothing will ever change.

Source: Bayani, issue 11, 14 April 2006, independent weekly Kurdish paper published in Sulaymaniyah, South Kurdistan.