Ehmede Khani


Ehmede Khani, the greatest Kurdish poet ever, lived between 1650-1707, in Cizire, a town that lies in the province of Mardin. Ehmede Xani, the author of "Mem and Zin", the great Kurdish love story is considered to be the epogee of Kurdish literture. Ehmede Xani's work is a clear evidence of the reality of the Kurdish literature since the tenth century. Xani, back in the 1600's saw and wrote the Kurdish situation. In his work Kurdish patriotism and Kurdish reality are incredibly powerful. When people of the region were in the midst of religious conflicts and identified themselves as Christians or Mohammedan (moslems) instead of their ethnic origins, Xani's thesis for an independent Kurdistan was all too advanced. The remarkable fact is that Xani lived before the rise of modern nationalism.

Sherko Bekas

Sherko Bekas (Şêrko Bêkes in Kurdish),(1940- ), is a prominent contemporary Kurdish poet. He was born on 2 May 1940 in Sulaimaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan as a son of the Kurdish poet Fayak Bekas. He joined the Kurdish liberation movement in 1965 and worked in the movement's radio station (the Voice of Kurdistan). He left his homeland because of political pressure from the Iraqi regime in 1986. From 1987 to 1992 he lived in exile in Sweden. In 1992 he returned to Iraqi Kurdistan.