The hypocrisy of Erdogan 

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - By Nergiz Duhoki

For long, Erdogan’s “Turkey,” driven by fascist codified beliefs of Ataturk, also known as “Kemalism,” has brought nothing more to us Kurds than assimilation and destruction. This brutal nation, based on secular Turkish nationalism, has yet to recognize the fact that Kurds are Kurds, not Turks. Under the pressure of Ataturk’s ideology, many Kurds have been assimilated and forced to become “Turks.” Not only Kurdish education is forbidden, even speaking in Kurdish was forbidden until recently. Consequently, many Kurds do not even speak in Kurdish, their mother-tongue. Intense pressures on the Kurdish identity throughout “Turkey,” have led to the step by step dilution of Northern Kurdistan.

The orphans of Ataturk will never come to accept that the recent unrest in Northern Kurdistan is the symbol of a movement for democratic change led by the Kurdish masses.

Erdogan will, of course, never admit to such a fact. In stead, he emphasizes, "While they [the Kurds] try to capitalize on hatred and enmity, we [Turkish Government] will build more roads, more hospitals, more schools and more workplaces,” (notice the word “more”).

I am afraid the Prime Minister is lying. Erdogan is an advocate of Islam. According to the Islamic prophet, liars are labeled as “Hypocrites,” and they will burn in hell.

While Kurds would laugh at such an pathetic statement to start with, even the Turkish observers note that “there are no social programs or any serious investment plans for the region [Northern Kurdistan] which thus is creating deep resentment and frustration among the people there.” (Ilnur Cevik)

Erdogan further says, "We [Turkish Government] will not back down from justice and democracy. We will bring more freedoms, more democracy, more welfare, more rights and justice," (again, notice the same word, “more”).

Even more hypocrisy: According to Erdogan, there is “justice and democracy” in Turkey.

Will the two Turkish officers be jailed for bombing the book shop in Shemzinan? Will the Turkish police be jailed for killing a 6 year old kid in Amed? Will a Kurd be allowed to open a Kurdish school without restrictions to teach the Kurdish language? Will a Kurd be allowed to broadcast a Kurdish radio or TV station without being harassed by Turkish police? Of course not.

While Hamas is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization, the Turkish officials wasted no time in meeting them because both are fellow Muslims. However, Erdogan simply shut the door in the face to the DTP representatives when they asked to meet with him to find a solution to the recent unrest in N. Kurdistan. What if DTP was an Islamic Party, similar to Hamas and Erdogan’s AKP, would Erdogan take a similar approach?

I appeal to the exiled Kurdish people to take a solid stance in support of the recent uprising in Amed. We must render it clear for western governments that the current nations occupying Kurdistan will remain to be destabilized until a democratic solution is found for the Kurdish case. I suggest every Kurd write a letter describing the recent unrest in Amed for the Congressman or Member of Parliament where they live and urge them to pressure Turkey to give the Kurds their long overdue rights.