Era of shamelessness 

Monday, April 17, 2006 - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli 
By Hewez Hawezi Translated by Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

In this country of chaos, lawlessness and disorder, we live according to the laws of fate, moods, luck, jungle laws, lies, the rule of gangsters and ignorant people.

From now on we should find nothing surprising anymore in our country: A liar could become a politician; a murderer could become a leader; a robber could become a policeman, a jash (mercenaries who served Saddam) could become examples of good men. Kurdish dominant parties have for years made it a tradition to talk about the democratic experience. They have brainwashed people to think that the model currently existing in Kurdistan is the region's only free and democratic experience. But please have some pity on us! Anyone who has spent a day here will feel ashamed and shocked
to hear such claims and words. We are the only audience for these words.

We are obliged to listen to them and nod our heads. Otherwise you cannot find any individual or country in the world who finds these claims credible. And we tell the people in power: Go and have a look at your profiles with the international organizations of human rights and the embassies and consulates in the world. They show how you have practiced power and managed the country in the last fifteen years. Unfortunately we cannot address this issue here.

You spent years in the mountains claiming to struggle for the working classes and for nationalism and God knows what. But the only thing you achieved was to incite and organize the villagers to fight each other; you created an absurd internal war, and turned Kurdish countryside into your battlefields. Then the world could not see you to ask: What are you doing in these mountains?

You were for years in the mountains promoting fratricide and crushing each other. Your final invention was a bloody exhausting internal war full of hatred and malice which history is ashamed to remember.

Then we, the people, created the uprising in 1991 and brought you back from mountains and offered you the feast of power. We invited you to govern us and run our region so that you could change our lives. But you clinged to the same old mentality and this time turned our cities into chaos and brought internal war into our streets and caused the death of thousands of the youth of this country. So how can you not feel ashamed when you talk about democratic model?

How is a power that abducts journalists, teachers, civil servants and citizens in day light practicing a democratic model? Where did you learn this new type of democracy? Did you learn it in mountains, or is it a Ba’athist legacy that you have adopted?

We would not be surprised and find it frightening if your masked armed men would kidnap us. This and other more terrible things are to be expected from the power of [Kurdish parties]. But we only ask: if you treat your own people in this way, then what is the difference between you and the masked murderers of south of Iraq whom you call terrorists? But thank God you have laws and rules to take us to court. You do not need to behave like Mafia with us.

Finally I just like to mention and example to those Kurdish leaders who for years have been calling themselves “leaders” of our people. Mahatma Gandhi, this old frail man who had only a walking-stick, liberated 650 million people without letting one drop of blood be shed in his country.

But you let thousands of the men of this country kill each other on the mountainsides of Hamadagha, Degala and Kasnazan [notorious battle fields of internal war between Kurdistan Democratic Party and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)]. Why did you do this? It seems that you keep the answer to yourselves too.

Source: Hawlati, Sulaymaniya, independent newspaper in Sorani Kurdish, 12 April 2006, p15//