Moral Contract 

Friday, April 14, 2006 - By Dr Kamal Mirawdeli

Elections are before anything else moral contracts between the voters and people elected by them. This moral contract is based on trust and proved by action. But is this the way the so-called Kurdish leaders understand elections? If trust is proved by action then the actions of these leaders have proved that they treated the trust of our people with indifference, insult and contempt. And for this they deserve nothing but the contempt of our people. They have misinterpreted the great political maturity of Kurdish people by giving them opportunities after opportunities to improve and prove themselves, as a vindication of their criminal history of bloodshed, treason, corruption and sell-out. So as a young writer predicted before the election they did not only use the votes/the trust of our people to become more corrupt and enlarge their oligarchic family empire but also to again and again parade our history, dignity and destiny for personal promotion and national humiliation.

I have always considered it an immoral process to re-engage with Iraq and champion its reconstruction without and before the resolution of the question of Anfal. We are not talking here about a mythological past. We are talking about 18200 people snatched away in the depths of the night to be raped, tortured and then buried alive. And their mass graves visit us every day crying for justice. What sort of human beings with the slightest degree of dignity and slimmest sense of humanity would accept to rebuild the murderers of their nation and trample upon their martyrs?

However, even with this grave frustration and disagreement, I, like my people, had to live with the immoral realism imposed on us and try to save what can be saved within this process hoping that once those odd leaders achieved the maximality of their egoistic ambition of power and dollar then they would stop and think of the people who made all this possible for them and with the vagaries of age they would obtain virtual wisdom and before facing a Sharon-type comma, they would eventually commute their own criminal record by achieving something tangible, permanent and strategic for their nation.

But unsurprisingly this has not happened. The situation for our people has become more and more grave and dangerous. If Americans had not been in Iraq they would have definitely put our children back by now into the jaws of Turkish, Arab and Iranian occupiers.

As they cannot do this they have done their best to destroy all our historic opportunities to create our own nation and work as slaves instead to recreate the authors of our genocide. They have done everything unthinkable to destroy all our resources and opportunities to create a civil democratic fair society of institutions, knowledge and science and instead they have imposed their primitive tribal power, suffocated our society, and destroyed our social fabric, culture and morality within.
Kurdish society is hollowed from its every soul. It is enough to understand this just by looking at what happened in Halabja, by considering the monstrous growth of Shekh Zana, by seeing what happens every day to the families of the martyrs of anfal, and by thinking of the fact that every day at least two women are either killed or committing suicide and at least ten people are killed just as a result of car crashes and road accidents. But still these are nothing if we remember the tragedies of their criminal history of imposed fratricide, dividing up of Kurdish society and working as happy agents and servants of the anti-Kurd regimes in the region. For thirty years our society has been suffering from murder-flue of Kurdish tribal parties.

Yet, in spite of all this, again and again our people have generously given them opportunities to re-humanise themselves, to redeem themselves from their sins, to ask forgiveness for their crimes and to do something honourable that makes our people proud of it and of them and when they die they have some honour left in them.

We have waited and waited and waited and this did not happen. Halimas, as Arabs say, never gave up their old habits. Once an Arab writer wrote about Arafat: “He lost no opportunity to lose every opportunity the Palestinians had.” But the so-called Kurdish leaders have gone far beyond this. They create opportunities to destroy our opportunities. When our enemies go they do their best to recreate them. And as always they treat every honourable conscious Kurdish patriot as their enemies. They are so happy to insult the martyrs of Anfal, humiliate the displaced people of Kirkuk, shoot and imprison people of Halabja and Akre, steal people’s money to create more and more media channels and hire more and more fake writers to praise them and their families and ancestors and brainwash people about their past, present and future. If they can get away with it, they are too happy to open the doors of Kurdistan to all the pilots, officers and murders who participated in Anfal and to those the Sunni fascists who do not accept even the words of Kurd and Kurdistan, while the families of Anfal have no food to eat and the displaced people of Kirkuk must embrace their dying children in tents after three years of “liberation” and while the refugee Kurds from East and North are treated like aliens and enemies.

Who has given these people mandate to trade with our honour and dignity, to destroy our historic opportunity of freedom and democracy, to serve our enemies in our name and on our behalf?

Is this what they promised Kurdish voters? Is this the moral contract they have with our people?